A308 study results 'three years too late', says parish councillor

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams


Bray Parish Council has raised concerns that the timing of a key road study has meant that its findings can’t be accounted for in the Borough Local Plan.

The BLP sets out the plan for the borough to build thousands of new homes – which will impact traffic on key roads, including the A308.

Last month, the Royal Borough published the results of a much-anticipated A308 corridor study, evaluating the traffic impacts of the stretch between Bisham Roundabout and the M25, which runs through the centre of Maidenhead, Bray and Windsor.

However, Bray Parish councillor Ken Elvin said the study is ‘three years too late’ and it needed to be completed before the examination hearings for the BLP.

Without it, the inspector was unable to take this into account in her evaluation of the local plan.

“Since the last time the plan was modified, Sawyers Close (in Dedworth) is being redeveloped into another 225 dwellings, leading onto the A308,” he said.

“Then there’s the possible homes at Jealott’s Hill.

“When Crossrail [is complete], a lot more people will be trying to get to the Elizabeth Line either at Twyford or Maidenhead, through here [Bray].”

Bray Parish Council has noted several sections where traffic at peak hours creates tailbacks onto the A308 – including around the South West Maidenhead site, i.e. Maidenhead Golf Course and surrounding areas.

The concern is the planned golf course development will worsen this, as will current development in progress – for example, gravel extraction at the Summerleaze Water Oakley quarry.

The entrance to the site is close to the Bray Studios entrance – which itself is in line to see increased activity, when the planned expansion goes ahead.

Together, these will make for ‘a lot of movements and a lot of right turns’, heavily affecting traffic flow.

The parish council is also concerned by the ‘bottleneck’ from Monkey Island Lane to Braywick roundabout, the through-route from Windsor to Maidenhead.

A council spokesperson said: “Those sites within the Borough Local Plan relevant to any proposed improvements or recommendations are referenced within the A308 report.

“Its findings are being taken into account when reviewing proposed developments along the road to ensure the planning applications are considered in the round.

“The evidence for the Borough Local Plan included an assessment of the impact of the proposed spatial strategy on transport and local infrastructure.

“This strategic transport assessment identified a series of junctions that may require improvement because of the overall development coming forward in the plan.

“As part of the planning application process, developers are required to prepare a full transport assessment considering the impacts of proposed development on the transport network.

“Detailed modelling will identify whether any site-specific improvement or mitigation is required, and this will be secured through an appropriate legal agreement.

“We have a programme of capacity improvements at six key junctions in Maidenhead to support sustainable growth, the most recent being Oldfield Road, and Braywick roundabout remains very much part of our plans.”

Residents have the option to discuss the A308 at drop-in sessions with the Borough at various locations and dates.

There will be one at Maidenhead Community Centre this evening (Thursday, July 7) and one at Dedworth Library on July 13, both 6pm to 7.30pm.

People can also give feedback online at rbwmtogether.rbwm.gov.uk/hub-page/a308public 

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