Free mental health helpline launched in Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead

A telephone support line offering free counselling sessions to young people in Maidenhead, Windsor and Slough has been launched.

The service, run by the Number 22 charity, aims to give people aged 11 to 25 the chance to discuss any mental health difficulties they are facing with a trained counsellor.

Those in need of support can book a 25-minute appointment via Number 22’s website which can be used to talk about anything that is important to them.

This could include challenges at home, problems at school or in the workplace and relationships.

Sarah Luke, counselling services manager at Number 22, said: “We set this service up due to more young people reaching out for access to support.

“I think the pressure this generation face also extends to their mental health and the effects of living with mental health difficulties can really impact a young person’s life.

“It affects their confidence, their performance at school and their relationships.”

Number 22’s telephone support line was originally launched to help people on the charity’s waiting list for counselling sessions.

But after helping almost 100 young people, it is now being extended to offer support throughout Maidenhead, Windsor and Slough.

The project has been funded through donations, including from The Spoore Merry and Rixman Foundation.

Sarah added: “I think there’s more high-profile people talking about mental health and they’re talking about it in schools so it’s more on the agenda than it ever has been which is why more young people are coming forward and saying they do have some challenges.

“When I was in school I don’t think it was ever talked about and I didn’t really even know about mental health.”

Visit to book a 25-minute telephone appointment.

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