Desborough's women make up for slow start in Mason Trophy match

Carol Tupling


Desborough’s women made up for a sluggish start in their Mason Trophy match with Swindon Manor, recovering to win by 12 shots (38-26).

There was a steady performance from the side’s home rink, skipped by Helen Jones to a 25-14 win, while Mary Price's away rink finished strongly to eke out a 13-12 win.

Desborough will now play North Wilts A on March 4.

Rink scores: J Williams, G O’Neill, N Holder, H Jones 25 – 14; J Morgan, J Beal, L Woodley, M Price 13 – 12.

Desborough’s men narrowly went down by four shots (99-95) after travelling to play Whiteknights in the Inter Club Trophy.

Fielding a mixture of badged and unbadged players, Desborough did well enough to win on three of the six rinks but were just outscored on shots by their county rivals.

Desborough welcomed the Berkshire VPs to Green Lane and managed to claim a six-shot victory (104-98) having made a blistering start.

The six rinks were shared in the end, with those skipped by Brian Faulkner and Bruce Cooke both successful, but a stellar effort from Carol Tupling, Jeff Simpson and Clive Northover earned them top rink honours (25-9).

Rink scores: A Davis, T Burrell, T Buckley 16 – 18; P Tuttle, J Bucknell, S Stack 16 – 26; C Wells, R Dale, P Winstanley 11 – 14; C Tupling, J Simpson, C Northover 25 – 9; L Eumo, P Patel, B Faulkner 17 – 14; K Spracklen, B Harris, B Cooke 19 – 17.

The Essex twins, Mark and Andrew, have made it through to the final stages of the National Family Pairs competition after defeating Neil and Lucy Smith from Westlecot 16-8. They’ll now take on opponents from Clarrie Dunbar in Nottingham on March 31.

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