Elvis, One Night Only at Norden Farm

Norden Farm, Saturday, January 25

Elvis, One Night Only at Norden Farm

One two, one two – one for the money, two for the show.

A new show about the King of rock’n’roll began with mucking around at a sound check.

Creator Darryl Clark explained how it came about: “I’m an actor and I’ve been duly managing at Norden Farm on and off for a while.

“When we were doing techs for show, it became a bit of a thing that we’d end up having a laugh. “I’m such a ham, we’d end up doing Elvis hits.

“I’d also been in bands and done some Elvis impersonator stuff when I was at drama school, probably 20 years ago, so there was that link.

“Then David Riley, of the technicians, suggested we take it a little more seriously.”

Darryl had already impressed fellow Norden Farm-hands – including artistic director Jane Corry – when he performed at the arts centre’s summer concert on the Norden Farm ‘Beach’ installation.

“Jane had been nudging me for a long time,” said Darryl.

“The stars and everything else aligned and she said ‘let’s put you straight into the Courtyard’.”

Through friends in the business and Darryl’s own contacts, the band and the show came together.

“The idea is that after the news of his death, Elvis Presley wakes up, refusing to accept the truth and determined to play one last gig, a journey through his music.

“We thought what could we do that could make it out of the ordinary, what if we have this Christmas Carol kind of notion.

“Sam Philips, the guy who discovers Elvis, becomes like his spirit guide before he abdicates the throne. Primarily it’s the songs, chronologically, a musical journey.

“It’s as if Elvis was touring now and giving you a greatest hits package.”

Darryl particularly loves the later sound of An American Trilogy but says there will be Sun Records hits, Bossa Nova Baby and plenty more.

He got into the songs when growing up in Manchester as his mum was a big fan.

There will be a big contingent from the North West coming to the gig, as well as friends from Maidenhead (where Darryl now lives) and hopefully Presley fans from all over.

“Why should people see it? Because me and the band, we love and respect Elvis and giving him redemption.”

Long live The King.

Elvis, One Night Only

Norden Farm

Saturday, January 25

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