It all started with a ?Yes?! - Budgeting for a wedding

It all started with a ?Yes?! - Budgeting for a wedding

Marcia Wilison

It all started with a ?Yes?! - Budgeting for a wedding

Marcia Wilson

Welcome to my new blog!  My name is Marcia Wilson and I am passionate about weddings.  My love affair for ‘the Big Day’ began as a child and led me to become my Mum’s right hand lady in planning for a huge range of weddings, spanning cultures and styles. I am delighted to join the regular columnists and am looking forward to taking you on the wedding planning journey! My blog will follow the planning path from saying, ‘Yes!’ to ‘I do!’.  Join me every month for fun, informative and helpful tips to help you realise your wedding dreams….

Congratulations on your engagement!  

It’s time to start planning for your wedding and working out what you can afford (and how long your engagement is likely to be)!  Whilst the dress, styling and honeymoon may be more exciting to research, your budget is a critical element to arranging your big day and ensuring that your first years of marriage are not spent repaying unforeseen debts…

So where should you start? I would advise that the first and foremost element of your wedding planning should be identifying and confirming your budget.  WARNING:  this will entail a frank conversation with your partner, parents and in-laws- best to approach the topic with an open mind!

Whilst a wedding budget may not solve all issues, it will certainly make life less stressful.

Many of us have big dreams and plans for our wedding day, but do they match your ‘other half’s’?  Have you been dreaming of a white horse and carriage whilst your fiancée has their heart set on a quiet affair on a beach? Once you’ve agreed to marry, there are often added and unexpected pressures to contend with, such as your parents’ or in-law’s expectations, the latest trends for big-budget affairs or competing with the recent weddings that you have attended.

No two weddings are the same and neither are the budgets!   Setting expectations at an early stage will ensure that your dream wedding doesn’t turn into a financial nightmare and will reduce arguments considerably.

In a recent Marry Mi survey on people’s wedding experiences, 20 per cent said that paying for their wedding was their biggest wedding worry – so you are not alone…

Budgeting can be a minefield and how will you know how much to set aside for items you’ve never bought before? The wedding dress, flowers, gifts, catering... the list is endless.

To help brides gain more control and reduce their stress around budgeting and paying for their weddings, you will need a robust planning tool.  You can either create your own spreadsheet or download/access a ready-made wedding planning tool online.

Set a number, and stick to it!

Setting a budget is an ideal way to start:  look at what you can afford to put aside each month, taking into account any savings that you already have, including any contributions from parents or family and then set your budget. This is the first formula to a less stressful wedding planning experience.

Not setting a budget can lead to:

  • Spiralling costs
  • Panic buying - spending more than needed on some items and leaving funds short for other wedding elements.
  • Unnecessary stress and anxiety

Utilising a robust planning tool will give you a clear, concise overview of your wedding budget. As you add costs during the process you will be able to view a running total and will be able to see easily when you are coming close to your budget total – allowing much greater control.

I would advise you strongly to stick to your budget rather than trying to identify additional funds to supplement.  Be a smart spender… A wedding is a ‘big-ticket’ item, so don’t be afraid to ask for ‘best prices’ and think creatively about how to get your desired big day.  Every penny that you save can be put towards other elements of your

Update your budget ‘on the go’..  If you keep regular track of your costs, this will avoid any ‘nasty surprises’ and enable you to manage your cash-flow more successfully.

Remember that staying in control of your wedding budget will be the key to a less stressful planning experience and a more enjoyable wedding day and beyond!

Marcia is the founder of Marry Mi, a new and exclusive wedding directory and web portal for Berkshire brides, connecting brides with local, independent suppliers.

Find out more about Marry Mi at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter and join the conversation!

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