Easter eggs donated to Burnham Care and Share

Burnham's Care and Share Easter Stock Swells

The Burnham Care and Share Team

Burnham’s Care and Share is ensuring that no child will be left out of the celebrations this Bank Holiday weekend after a large number of Easter-themed treats were donated by locals.   

Easter eggs, easter crafts, cuddly toys and treats came flooding in from members of the public, St Peter’s School in Burnham, and the support admin department of Slough-based company Meiko UK Ltd. 

“We have over 100 eggs here and 60-70 of those donations came from the families at St Peter’s School," said Burnham Care and Share manager Lisa Pope.

“People have been so generous.

“We’ve also had a repeat donation from a lovely lady called Cindy at Meiko, who donated at Christmas time and wanted to help again.

“Not only did they donate Easter items but they gave us plenty of essential everyday items as well. And they’ve thought about children with allergies – so we have that covered if anyone comes to us and has dietary restrictions.”

Lisa reported that long Bank Holiday weekends are tough on families struggling to cope on low incomes, and that the Burnham Care and Share organisation is needed more than ever before.

“What with the increase in the cost of living and energy bills we fully expect to be busy,” she said.

“It will get worse out there for people.”

But Lisa assures that for Easter – there’s plenty for everyone and encourages people to drop into Burnham Park Hall to see the team if in need. 

“Hopefully we have more than enough and the children will be eating Easter eggs for days, even weeks.”

Burnham Care and Share support over 100 families a week.

They outgrew their High Street shop location and were welcomed with open arms to the Burnham Park Hall, which is now their permanent base where they offer a friendly and discreet service.

"Despite what people think, foodbank stocks tend to run low and they are always looking for donations of essential store cupboard items."

“We are always in need UHT Milk tins of fruit, beans, meat, veg – those everyday items,” continued Lisa.

"We accept donations of any kind at any time of the year and if anyone wants to donate anything we will be ever so grateful.”

Burnham Care and Share is an Alliance set up by Burnham Health Promotion Trust and St Peter's Church in collaboration with Foodshare Maidenhead.

For more information visit www.bhpt.org.uk/care-and-share/ 





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