'Exciting time to be in Maidenhead' as new bakery set to open

Maidenhead to welcome new bakery chain

A bakery chain originating in London is set to open a new store in Maidenhead.

Wenzel’s has started work on its new branch on the corner of High Street and Market Street, with company branding placed on the windows with the messaging: ‘We’re baking a new shop.’

It is not known when the store – which also has locations nearby in Reading, High Wycombe and Staines – will open, although it has begun its search for new staff.

Wenzel’s started out in London in 1975 and has since branched out into the home counties as it looks to expand its business portfolio.

It offers sweet treats as well as savoury offerings, including premium cupcakes and sandwich platters, alongside vegetarian and vegan options.

It also offers football team celebration cakes laden with your favourite club’s badge and colours.

The opening of Wenzel’s will rival popular bakery chain Greggs, which has a unit opposite in High Street.

Maidenhead town manager Robyn Bunyan was also still waiting to hear of an opening date for Wenzel’s, but added that it was an ‘exciting time’ for businesses to come to the area.

“They [Wenzel’s] are moving quite quickly but I do not know the opening date,” she said. “There are a lot of things popping up.

“It is an exciting time to be in Maidenhead. There is a lot of development happening but the empty units are working to be filled.”

Wenzel's will add to the array of food and drink offerings in Maidenhead, with grilled food store Grilled Grub also opening down the road last week

Robyn said that while these new hospitality places were being well received by residents, she was confident the town could offer more of an 'experience' for shoppers when the regeneration is over.

"What is interesting about Maidenhead is the amount of creatives we have in the area and the amount of independent businesses that pop up," she said. "That is a really unique thing.

"That network of food and drink is working really well - they [residents] are using it and it is fantastic. 

"The shopping experience has changed so much and people are now shopping online more, and what Maidenhead will be able to offer is an experience.

"So rather than just popping in and buying a t-shirt - which you can still do in town - it is more of an afternoon out where you can spend a day."

The town manager added that she will consider options for meanwhile use of empty units before any businesses fill them, and was up for hearing ideas.

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